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From 1988 to 1997 DEADHORSE crawled from the Bayous of Houston to reign over the Texas Underground Music Scene. DEADHORSE’s Crossover Style of Thrash, Punk and Hardcore Metal remained timeless through the currents of Sup-pop, Alternative and Nu-metal waves. After years of touring, Three Albums and moderate success with Major Label Distribution, DEADHORSE slowly rotted for 14 years.



In April 2011, DEADHORSE emerged back from the gallows to the stages of Texas. At their debut sold out reunion show, the mayhem of HORSECORE spurred back to life. This show marked the triumphant return with the re-release of the BOIL(ING) EP on vinyl. A 3 hour DVD titled “Making a deadhorse LIVE!” was released in 2012 to show that DEADHORSE is back, tight, raw, and mean as hell!



Since 2011 DEADHORSE has toured and dominated the southern music underground scene once again. Releasing the “Loaded Gun” CD in 2014 and are anticipating to release “The Beast that Comes” in 2017. During this time they also released the “Day of the Deadhorse” Anthology and an updated “BOIL(ing)” 2017 edition titled “BOILs” that has garnered much praise.


RELEASE HISTORY 1989 to 2017:

1989 : “Horsecore: An Unrelated Story that is Time Consuming”

1991 : “Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers”

1993 : “Feed Me E.P.”

1996 : “Boil(ing) E.P.”

1999 : Relapse Records Re-released “Horsecore” and “Peaceful Death”

2011 : Abyss Records Re-released the “Boil(ing) E.P.” – on Vinyl

2012 : “How to make a deadhorse LIVE"  DVD

2014 : “Loaded Gun” Digi-oack

2016 : “Day of the Deadhorse” 2 CD Anthology

2017 : “BOILs” (rerecorded vocal/remix/remaster and unreleased)

2018:  "The Beast That Comes"